#1 in Free RC Parkjet Plans

So you are a new pilot or interested in building your first parkjet but have no idea where to start?  It's a question we get all the time. Sorting through page after page of forums can yield some great information but the time it takes is overwhelming. Here is your Rookie Pilot 101 that will have you rocking in no time.

Parkjets endorses this awesome E-book series by RC Powers because we have actually used it! This is simply a guide that will save you time and money and a lot of frustration.  Can't say that enough: save yourself time AND money.  

This download is a series of THREE E-books that go over everything the beginning builder and pilot needs to know, with nearly 20 chapters, full diagrams, common mistakes (over 100 pages of them) and lots of great tips that most RC pilots only learn after years of flying and crashing. 

You also get THREE awesome plans, just like the ones you get here on Parkjets, except that they have more support, lots of forum activity and lots of refinements over the years. 

We believe strongly you will get 10X your money's worth out of the Ultimate RC Package. It's why we endorse it.

One of the best things about this E-book? You can view it from just about anywhere. Your phone, your ipad, your desktop and laptop computer.  But what about those of you that like to print things? It's printer friendly too.  The book is over 90 pages and has lots and lots of diagrams to make learning easy, and the best part, more gets added in all the time, this thing is evergreen. In other words, as new facts are added in, your purchase of the FLIGHT FACTS eBook will be updated automatically.

Right now, it's around $60. Click on the link below to get final pricing. But even at twice that price you are getting one heck of a jump on getting up and flying.

Note: Parkjets recommends these products because we have used it, believe it is the best available products at the price, and will help you in your RC building experience, not because of the small commissions we receive.