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Parkjets Membership Plans

Parkjets has two different levels of membership. Each designed to fit what you need. 

Annual Membership ($24.99/year)

The Annual Membership for $24.99 gets you one full year (365 days) of access to everything on Unlimited downloads, all the articles and all the information. There is nothing else you need to do. This is just about $2 a month to help keep Parkjets online and improving. This plan does renew, but we send you a notification by E-mail when your subscription is coming due, so you can cancel or renew.

One Week Membership ($5 One Time)

This is as simple as it gets: A one time fee of $5 gets you access to everything on for 7 days. This plan does NOT renew automatically, so it's truely a one-time membership. If you are sure you want some plans, but want to download a few dozen and come back in a year or so, this is a good option for you. One time fee, and access to everything. 


Parkjets uses Stripe for our credit and debit card processing. Stripe is used by over 100,000 major companies and uses industry standard 256 bit encryption to keep your information safe. Companies like Adidas, Best Buy, Lyft, and Under Armour all use Stripe for their online payments and so does  Your money is safe!

Why Did Parkjets Become a Membership Site? 

In January 2017, we launched Parkjets as a membership site. Many of you are wondering why? Well, several factors have led us to change the business model of Parkjets, we hope you understand. 

First, Google Ads, which used to support the site, have become untenable. Revenue from Google Ads has fallen over 95% over the last two years. There are many factors for this drop, including ad blockers, mobile platform use, and generally less money in the market for Google Ads. These ads used to cover our expenses, they don't anymore, not even close. For example, of all the ads we have on the site, we typically earn about $0.30 a day. We used to earn about $12 a day. 

Second, Parkjets operating costs have increased over the last two years. Parkjets performs over 100,000 file downloads a year, plus hosting, plus newsletter costs, and personnel costs mean we can't continue to operate at a deficit. 

While we wanted and tried to keep Parkjets totally free for as long as possible, the fact is that Parkjets was costing us several thousand more dollars a year than what we were bringing in revenue. 

What we have done is allow for two tiers of membership, one annually, at $24.99 that gives you unlimited access to all the plans. Or if you just want to download a few plans, we offer a $5 week pass as well that still gives you access to all the plans, but for a limited time.  

It was a tough decision for us, we agonized over it for months, but we either had to shut the site down, or try something new. We hope we can earn your membership, and we hope you understand.