#1 in RC Parkjet Plans

Decal Pack Ready!


We just punched up the all new Decal Pack. This one is ready to download away. Featuring 18 different decal schemes, you will find all kinds of great print ready decals to add to your favorite parkjet, all for $1. Like all our Plan Packs, this download is available to everyone, no membership required. Of course, if you have a membership, this one would be available for no charge. 

6mmFlyRC is Gone


As many of you know by now, the decade old Parkjet kit producer 6mmFlyRC closed their doors last month and stopped shipping out kits due to the difficulty of obtaining locally sourced Depron and a general slow down in the kit business in everything not "drone" related. 



As you all know, Parkjets was founded over 15 years ago as a resource for builders out there, a place where all the best parkjets plans were collected, organized, and made ready for you to download. All so you can get to building. Now, Parkjets is a membership site!


New PlansParkJets

We just uploaded a new plan, the awesome Panavia Tornado! Inspired by the Steve Shumate F-14, the Tornado features swing wings and awesome lines. The designer, Craig Clarkstone adds another awesome design to his growing catalog right here on Parkjets. 


New PlansParkJets

Oh snap, we just uploaded plans for what has to be sexist looking pusher ever. Check out the Bugatti P100, designed by Craig Clarkstone, this Bugatti is just so sleek. Beware, it's super fast and a bit heart pounding to fly, but damn, it looks too good out there in the air. 


New PlansParkJets

We just uploaded a new plan that already has us out in the garage preparing to cut this monster. The designer of the awesome YF-23, Viggen and others has dialed up the cool factor and brought this modern fighter to the hobby table....

Bye Bye Depron?

Annoucement, Building, KnowledgeParkJets

You might have heard through the grapevine that Depron is going away in the very near future. Well, it looks like it will be getting a lot harder to get, at least in the U.S., as the domestic supplier is closing down its supply of flat 6mm depron....


Getting Started, Annoucement6mmFlyRC

We just were able to get up a strong endorsement of RC Powers RC Ultimate Package E-Book series.  You can read all about it up in the "Rookie Pilots" tab up top. If you are looking for a comprehensive manual on RC flying, especially focused on parkjets, this is the E-book to get

Sonic - New Plan

New Plans6mmFlyRC

The creator of the awesome Hotspot has created the next parkjet using much of the same design elements.  Behold the Sonic! Twin stabs, canards, big delta wings and easy construction makes the Sonic an easy weekend build for hours of park flying....


New Plans6mmFlyRC

Another day, another new plan. We just posted up the JA-37 Viggen. Now this monster features canards, big delta wings and killer looks. If you like the Saab Gripen, this one is a great evolution to the next level....

Red Arrows Hawk - New Plan

New Plans6mmFlyRC


Parkjets got another great plan from Craig Clarkstone, the Red Arrows Hawk. If you are familar with Parkjets, you know his YF-23 is one of the best looking parkjet models on our site today. You know you are getting a quality design that looks good in the hanger and in the air. His plans contain everything you need, from decals, construction guides, and parts drawings. 

Like all our plans, head over to our FREE PLANS page and download away. Be sure to show the designer some love too, and get to flying!

New Parkjets


It's taken a while to get all done, but Parkjets has put on a new coat of paint and now it's better than ever. We have a new logo, new site, new everything. Let's keep it brief, but here are the main highlights....



Guys, we know ourselves. Many of you haven't even put together a Christmas list for your loved ones so they are likely strolling the local malls and big box stores looking for something that might catch their eye. That's why we men end up with cartoon character ties, wool socks, and some tool that we likely will never use. And that's on a good Christmas. A bad year we are looking a tin of popcorn and underwear. Don't let this be a bad year. 

So we are here to help you out. Just forward this E-mail to whoever to clue them in on a couple of ideas.


Top 10ParkJets
After some behind the scenes work, we are getting much better numbers and a more accurate count of the most popular plans from month to month, November has some shake-ups throughout the Top 10 list.  With winter fully settled in across most of the county, now is a great time to browse our Parkjet's extensive catalog of free plans (137 total) and find that next build to put together for spring flying. The Top 10 list is a good place to start looking for what other pilots and builders are putting in their digital library to build later. So without too much blabbering, let's get to the Top 10 plans downloaded in November, 2014!


Top 10ParkJets
Here at Parkjets, we just finished up taking some much needed time off from posting to the site and now we are back.  Over the past few months, we have been cleaning up the site, making preparations for some changes and preparing for a bigger and better winter.  Well,  what better way to kick off October with the Top 10 Plans on Parkjets right now?  Let’s get to it.

TWITTER 3,000!


Just a real short post folks, but today marks another milestone for Parkjets, we just reached the 3,000 Twitter followers.  Now for those of you that might remember, we started last year really building up our social media effort and ended 2013 with about 2,000 followers.  Well, now 7 months later we have now crossed the 3,000 mark and are not looking back. 

If you are not following us on Twitter, what are you waiting for? We only send out cool pictures, announcement and other cool things you might want to see a few times a day. So come on follow @parkjetusa on Twitter and get with the program!