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Getting a jump start in RC Airplanes is not easy. There are so many planes, so many designs, so many different opinions on the best way to get started and of course one big question we always get is, “How can I learn this stuff quickly?”

Nowadays, with busy schedules and fast paced lives, it can be hard to really get into a hobby and feel confident in what you are doing. That’s why we have the “New Pilots” section where we review and preview products that can help you get going in the hobby.  Yes, if you purchase, we get a small commission, but that’s not why we endorse another company’s product, we do it because it works. 

And now, we just finished updating the page with an all new V4 Pro Pack that includes new plans and some great beginner’s guides. So if you are wanting to get a jump start on RC flying along with some excellent plans, check it out. 



We thought it would be useful to do a comprehensive overview/review of what we feel is the best e-product, one that we have recently used and checked out in an effort to bring more information to our readers. Let's get started.

Recently, RCPowers made some significant changes to their e-product (The V3 Complete Package), designed to get new and experienced builders up in the air with a quality build, all while passing on years of knowledge, gained through experience, and some really great advanced RC techniques as well.  If you have visited RCPowers recently, you already know the offereing, but without actually buying it, you might be wondering exactly what you are getting. Well, let us tell you!

The V3 Package includes the following:

  • Scratch Building, a comprehensive video tutorial on building the F-35
  • An "Advanced Techniques" audio series
  • FIVE Parkjets Plans, each with detailed instructions in tiled and full size plans
  • A browswer based RC Simulator

Now, we know, if you are looking at the RCPowers website, it just looks like you are getting the plans and the simulator, but it's much more.  And worth every penny.  Cutting to the chase, Parkjets fully endorses this product. We used it, we continue to go back to the information and simulator, and believe it will save you time and money.

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