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Bye Bye Depron?

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You might have heard through the grapevine that Depron is going away in the very near future. Well, it looks like it will be getting a lot harder to get, at least in the U.S., as the domestic supplier is closing down its supply of flat 6mm depron....


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When October rolled around, we put up a great project (suggested by a reader) and he sent over another project that is appropriate for Christmas.  Rather than post in our regular free RC plans page, we like the idea of simply putting them right here in our blog.  

This particular build is pretty limited to the pictures in the build thread and doesn't actually have a maiden flight! So maybe you could classify this build as purely experimental.  If you do end up building this one, be sure to send over some finished pictures and results.  We know the designer would love it and we would love to post the results. 

Here is a video of a simplier build (two deer) that inspired the design.



Our sponsor, 6mmFlyRC, sent us these amazing pictures of one of their customer's modification to their kit, which is based on the Tomas Hellberg F-18E Super Hornet.  Of course you can download the plans here for free, but this customer chose to use his time doing some customization rather than cutting foam.  I think we can all appreciate his efforts. 

The F-18E by Tomas Hellberg is a very popular download, although it doesn't ususally make the Top 10 every month, it's always lurking just behind the leaders.  The F-18 just doesn't look good, it flies great, is very easy to assemble and from the looks of these modifications, a great platform to let your imagination run wild.


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Sometimes it's easier to get your parkjet in the air if you can use a bungee launcher.  Sometimes the plane is too big, sometimes its just hard to hold.  There are plenty of stories out there about pilots getting their hand or arm cut in by the propeller and that usually requires a trip to the emergency room. 

Here is a great design for a home built bungee launcher that incorporates a foot pedel so the entire thing can be operated by one person. 


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Building Your First ParkJet

If your handy with glues and tools, knifes, soldering iron's, and so forth, you may want to build your first ParkJet, especially if your planning on staying in the hobby long term.

The main advantage of doing this, is that your cost-per-airframe is going to be a lot lower than if you only fly RTF or ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) ParkJets.  Your cost is even lowered further if you crash your jet, you just take the old parts out of the crashed jet, and install them in your NEW scratch built  Jet!!