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Jamie Rothwell


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We just checked in on the stats from last month and we have some shake up in the most popular downloads on Parkjets. We never know what will be popular, and have some theories about why plans bounce around a little. But really, we have no idea. One thing we do know is that Jamie Rothwell designs are very popular! Let's get to the list.

TOP 10 PLANS - JULY 2013

Top 10ParkJets
The heat of the summer is here. This is usually the time of year we see a bit of a drop in traffic and activity, as many builders are out flying and crashing their winter projects. But, we still have a Top 10 List for July and we have some new members of the Top 10 club, a new #1 and more. Let's go!


Top 10ParkJets
It's that time folks.  Last month, we had a new king of parkjets, the SU-37 (updated version) by Jamie Rothwell. It knocked off the long-time king, the Steve Shumate designed F-22 Raptor.  Can the Russian beauty hold back the Raptor? Let's find out!

TOP 10 PLANS - MAY 2013

Top 10ParkJets

Folks, for the first time in a year, we have a new #1 plan downloaded on parkjets since we started keeping track just about a year ago. Honestly, we never thought it would happen. But it has. 

For those of you new to the site, you might not know that every month, we break down the most popular plans and let you check them out, so you can get a jump start on some popular plans. After all, the popular plans are popular for a reason. They have good documentation, excellent flying capabilities, and look good too. 

Well, let's check out the most popular downloads for May 2013 and see who is king of the mountain!

NEW PLAN - SU-37/27

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Last week we uploaded a new plan to our FREE plans page. Jamie Rothwell let us know he has made some modifications and some size adjustments to his very popular SU-37 plans.  

First, he shrunk the plans to 80% of the original size.  Then he cleaned up the plans, improved the canopy, nacels and some other minor tweeks.  Then he changed the plans to allow for a simple modification so that the builder could convert the plans to the SU-27 with a little effort.  


Top 10ParkJets

It's hard to believe its already spring time.  Hopefully you had a chance to get your winter projects finished and are preparing to get them up and flying soon. 

And since it's the beginning of the month, it's also time to let you know what plans are the most popular on Parkjets.  Let's get started.

TOP 10 - JANUARY 2013

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To kick off the new year, its time to take a look at what people downloaded on We have been maintaining the Top 10 list now for the better part of 9 months and there have been many new plans to crack the list, some stay, while some fall off to an old classic.  

Before we really get started, we want to thank everyone for an incredible January 2013. Parkjets received over over 30,000 visitors who looked at 239,000 pages on Parkjets! That's the biggest traffic month yet! So thank you.  

Alright, let's get to the top 10 plans for the month of January 2013!


New PlansParkJets

The designer of the awesome Alpha Jet, Jamie Rothwell, sent us his take on the popular F-15 Eagle.  One of the best platforms for parkflying, the F-15 by Jamie Rothwell features a semi-scale look and a mid-mounted prop with a full fuse nose design that takes simple design to the next level of scale looks.  A very smooth flyer and very simple to set up with two servos and elevons, the F-15 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick build and excellent flying.