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Decal Pack Ready!


We just punched up the all new Decal Pack. This one is ready to download away. Featuring 18 different decal schemes, you will find all kinds of great print ready decals to add to your favorite parkjet, all for $1. Like all our Plan Packs, this download is available to everyone, no membership required. Of course, if you have a membership, this one would be available for no charge. 

6mmFlyRC is Gone


As many of you know by now, the decade old Parkjet kit producer 6mmFlyRC closed their doors last month and stopped shipping out kits due to the difficulty of obtaining locally sourced Depron and a general slow down in the kit business in everything not "drone" related. 



As you all know, Parkjets was founded over 15 years ago as a resource for builders out there, a place where all the best parkjets plans were collected, organized, and made ready for you to download. All so you can get to building. Now, Parkjets is a membership site!

Bye Bye Depron?

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You might have heard through the grapevine that Depron is going away in the very near future. Well, it looks like it will be getting a lot harder to get, at least in the U.S., as the domestic supplier is closing down its supply of flat 6mm depron....


Getting Started, Annoucement6mmFlyRC

We just were able to get up a strong endorsement of RC Powers RC Ultimate Package E-Book series.  You can read all about it up in the "Rookie Pilots" tab up top. If you are looking for a comprehensive manual on RC flying, especially focused on parkjets, this is the E-book to get

New Parkjets


It's taken a while to get all done, but Parkjets has put on a new coat of paint and now it's better than ever. We have a new logo, new site, new everything. Let's keep it brief, but here are the main highlights....



Guys, we know ourselves. Many of you haven't even put together a Christmas list for your loved ones so they are likely strolling the local malls and big box stores looking for something that might catch their eye. That's why we men end up with cartoon character ties, wool socks, and some tool that we likely will never use. And that's on a good Christmas. A bad year we are looking a tin of popcorn and underwear. Don't let this be a bad year. 

So we are here to help you out. Just forward this E-mail to whoever to clue them in on a couple of ideas.

TWITTER 3,000!


Just a real short post folks, but today marks another milestone for Parkjets, we just reached the 3,000 Twitter followers.  Now for those of you that might remember, we started last year really building up our social media effort and ended 2013 with about 2,000 followers.  Well, now 7 months later we have now crossed the 3,000 mark and are not looking back. 

If you are not following us on Twitter, what are you waiting for? We only send out cool pictures, announcement and other cool things you might want to see a few times a day. So come on follow @parkjetusa on Twitter and get with the program!



Getting a jump start in RC Airplanes is not easy. There are so many planes, so many designs, so many different opinions on the best way to get started and of course one big question we always get is, “How can I learn this stuff quickly?”

Nowadays, with busy schedules and fast paced lives, it can be hard to really get into a hobby and feel confident in what you are doing. That’s why we have the “New Pilots” section where we review and preview products that can help you get going in the hobby.  Yes, if you purchase, we get a small commission, but that’s not why we endorse another company’s product, we do it because it works. 

And now, we just finished updating the page with an all new V4 Pro Pack that includes new plans and some great beginner’s guides. So if you are wanting to get a jump start on RC flying along with some excellent plans, check it out. 



For those of you that have been with Parkjets for a while now, you know that our main sponsor, offers some really cool kits for many of the designs right here on Parkjets. As a way to celebrate small business, and 6mmFlyRC is a small business, they are offering our followers/subscribers $5 off any of their kits, both full fuse (Original Series) and the profile style (Quick Build) parkjet kits.

Now, I'm told that in the nearly 10 years that 6mmFlyRC has been offering kits, they have never done a discount for anyone, but starting now, through the last minute of May, you can get a sweet $5 off. 



We thought it would be useful to do a comprehensive overview/review of what we feel is the best e-product, one that we have recently used and checked out in an effort to bring more information to our readers. Let's get started.

Recently, RCPowers made some significant changes to their e-product (The V3 Complete Package), designed to get new and experienced builders up in the air with a quality build, all while passing on years of knowledge, gained through experience, and some really great advanced RC techniques as well.  If you have visited RCPowers recently, you already know the offereing, but without actually buying it, you might be wondering exactly what you are getting. Well, let us tell you!

The V3 Package includes the following:

  • Scratch Building, a comprehensive video tutorial on building the F-35
  • An "Advanced Techniques" audio series
  • FIVE Parkjets Plans, each with detailed instructions in tiled and full size plans
  • A browswer based RC Simulator

Now, we know, if you are looking at the RCPowers website, it just looks like you are getting the plans and the simulator, but it's much more.  And worth every penny.  Cutting to the chase, Parkjets fully endorses this product. We used it, we continue to go back to the information and simulator, and believe it will save you time and money.

Click to



2013 has come to a close and here at Parkjets, we like the idea of looking back and seeing what we accomplished and what we want to do in the near future, also known as 2014.  It was a busy first half of the year and we rounded out the year with some more plans and some new resources.  Let’s take a dive into what was 2013 and see what we can remember.



A customer of 6mmFlyRC sent over some pictures and we thought we would post them to show off some of the best craftsmanship on a foam model you will ever see.  

Rafal is from Poland, which only highlights how global the hobby of RC flight is, but he clearly takes his models to the next level.  By incorporating killer decals, etching in panel lines, going through the extreme detail in the exhaust and every other part of the plane, he takes a standard kit from 6mmFlyRC (free plans here of course) and takes it up several notches. By making drop tanks, different under wing ornaments, this is the best example of taking the hobby to a new heights.

Remember, if you have any photos or video of your model in action, send them on over and we will share them with the world!

Check out the photos and begin to drool!



We just added in a new resource for new flyers from the good people of Make Magazine.  We have always loved the publication and have done a few of the projects on the weekend.  So we were thrilled when we say they put together a 12-part series on RC Flight.  The entire thing is quality video, with great explainations and plenty of tips.  And the best part about it, its totally free.

From servos, receivers, covering foam, to free plans for a good trainer, Maker Hangar provides a good foundation for new flyers. 

Go ahead, check it out, watch a few videos and soak it all in.  



We had a member of the RC Community out there submit some pictures and video of his version of the Mike Jackson Dassault Rafale profile style parkjet.  

So we thought we would get them posted. 

This is an excellent plan, inspired by the designs of Tomas Hellberg, that provides a great platform for a parkjet. The large delta wings, large control surfaces and simple set up, coupled with a mid-motor mount design make for an easy to fly and build jet. 



Back at the start of the new year, we put out the call to have folks follow us on Twitter.  Back then, we had just a few hundred followers but we decided to focus a little more on getting our social media credentials up to par. This week, Parkjets reached a small milestone, we crossed over the 1,000 followers threshhold and could not be more excited.  



This is a really simple post here, but we are asking you, our visitors, our newsletter subscribers to do something that costs nothing...follow us on Twitter. Parkjets tries not to ask much of our loyal visitors, but we have set some goals in 2013 and without you, they won't happen.  

We have the crazy goal of getting 5,000 twitter followers in 2013.  When January 2013 rolled around, we were at a lowly 165.  As in less than 200 followers.  Now at the beginning of Feburary, we are at 257, a great jump, but you don't have to be a math whiz to see we need some acceleration in our followers.  We only post once or twice a day, we don't overload you with garbage, just a few things we find, buried articles on Parkjets and other tips from around the world.  So go ahead, follow us.




It's a simple question really, what do you want to see with Parkjets in 2013?  We have been kicking around some ideas but need your feedback.  For example:

  • Do you want to see more "warbirds" and traditional tractor style park flyers? 
  • Would you particiapte in a Parkjets forum?
  • What about a video series or PDF on how to expertly finish depron?
  • We experimented with having a few motors for sale on Parkjets, do you want to see Parkjets have a store with RC gear for sale?
  • Do you want more videos?  For example, some how-to's on getting your plans to planes?
  • What do you want to see in our monthly newsletter?
  • Can we improve the way the site works?  For example, is the navigation easy for you to find what you are looking for?

These are just some things to consider, but we welcome all input.  We will continue to work to make the site more user friendly and more helpful, but we want Parkjets to reflect what you want!  Comment away!