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Here at Parkjets, we just finished up taking some much needed time off from posting to the site and now we are back.  Over the past few months, we have been cleaning up the site, making preparations for some changes and preparing for a bigger and better winter.  Well,  what better way to kick off October with the Top 10 Plans on Parkjets right now?  Let’s get to it.


Top 10ParkJets
With May closing out, and the heat of June already bearing down, it’s time to get to the most popular downloads on Parkjets for last bit of spring. We have some new comers to the list, some old favorites, and a couple of surprises.  Let’s get to it and kick off June right.


Top 10ParkJets
After recovering from a rather rowdy New Year's celebration, it's time to get posted the Top 10 plans for the last month in 2013. December proved to be a month were some oldies but goodies made a return to the Top 10 and some new entries posted some strong showings as well.  Let's get started, here we go, the last Top 10 of 2013!

TOP 10 PLANS - JULY 2013

Top 10ParkJets
The heat of the summer is here. This is usually the time of year we see a bit of a drop in traffic and activity, as many builders are out flying and crashing their winter projects. But, we still have a Top 10 List for July and we have some new members of the Top 10 club, a new #1 and more. Let's go!

TOP 10 PLANS - MAY 2013

Top 10ParkJets

Folks, for the first time in a year, we have a new #1 plan downloaded on parkjets since we started keeping track just about a year ago. Honestly, we never thought it would happen. But it has. 

For those of you new to the site, you might not know that every month, we break down the most popular plans and let you check them out, so you can get a jump start on some popular plans. After all, the popular plans are popular for a reason. They have good documentation, excellent flying capabilities, and look good too. 

Well, let's check out the most popular downloads for May 2013 and see who is king of the mountain!



For those of you that have been following Parkjets for a while, you will be familiar with our interviews with popular RC airplane designers that have allowed us to host their awesome designs right on our site.  It has been a while since we posted an interview and so we thought its time for a fresh one.  

We reached out to Tomas Hellberg and he gratiously agreed. Tomas has designed some of the most popular and rock stable designs on Parkjets, including the F-22, F-18, SU-31, SU-37 and more. His designs feature simple build techniques with tabbed construction and profile looks. His unique thrust vectoring tabs allow for excellent acrobatics without a lot of fuss. And we should mention that our prime sponsor, 6mmFlyRC, features many of Tomas' designs as kits, so you can get your hands on a laser cut version.  Okay, that's enough of an introduction, let's kick this off....


Top 10ParkJets

Every month, for nearly a year, we have been logging the most popular plans on parkjets on a monthly basis. Its time to look at last month, and see what the list has in order. Here we go!

10. Cutlass by SDParkflyers - The Cutlass has come to Parkjets and its found a great little spot. The Cutlass is a great beginner plane, featuring broad delta wings and moderate speed. A great Parkjet!