#1 in RC Parkjet Plans




We got an E-mail over the last week with some awesome pictures attached. Shaun decided to take Tomas Hellberg's F-18E Superhornet design and do some custom work. This is just something you can't get out of a box. 

He added in a custom battery hatch, custom airbrakes, and an LED flashing light set up all worked into the design. We won't really discuss his custom paint job representing the VFA-195 squadran out of Japan, because we noticed something else, careful panel lines pressed right into the foam.



We ran across this video from a customer of our sponsor, 6mmFlyRC and it is stunning.  The video is not that stunning granted, but the model itself is just fantastic.  

The F-18E SuperHornet is a great model for those just starting out building, but as you can see, you can take this design to the extreme with details.  Complete with LED lights, panel lines, clear canopy and pilot, the model here is perhaps the best example of craftsmanship we have ever seen on a simple profile model. 

Sit back and enjoy the show!



Our sponsor, 6mmFlyRC, sent us these amazing pictures of one of their customer's modification to their kit, which is based on the Tomas Hellberg F-18E Super Hornet.  Of course you can download the plans here for free, but this customer chose to use his time doing some customization rather than cutting foam.  I think we can all appreciate his efforts. 

The F-18E by Tomas Hellberg is a very popular download, although it doesn't ususally make the Top 10 every month, it's always lurking just behind the leaders.  The F-18 just doesn't look good, it flies great, is very easy to assemble and from the looks of these modifications, a great platform to let your imagination run wild.