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With May closing out, and the heat of June already bearing down, it’s time to get to the most popular downloads on Parkjets for last bit of spring. We have some new comers to the list, some old favorites, and a couple of surprises.  Let’s get to it and kick off June right.


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Ehh, we skipped a month there on the Top 10 list, and that can happen from time to time as life gets in the way. But we do have the numbers from March 2014, and we nearly had a new #1. But, with just 13 fewer downloads (out of 2,100), a newcomer just came up short. 

Let's get to the Top 10 most downloaded plans on Parkjets!


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So the first month of 2014 is already over and we are just pressing halfway through Feburary.  How time flies! Hopefully many of you trapped by the mountain of snow in much of the country have had a great opportunity to get in some much needed build time on your spring fleet.  

As always, let's take a look at the most popular plans for January 2014.  We have a couple of old friends crack back into the list and the reigning king is de-throned for the top spot.  Here we go.


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After recovering from a rather rowdy New Year's celebration, it's time to get posted the Top 10 plans for the last month in 2013. December proved to be a month were some oldies but goodies made a return to the Top 10 and some new entries posted some strong showings as well.  Let's get started, here we go, the last Top 10 of 2013!



A customer of 6mmFlyRC sent over some pictures and we thought we would post them to show off some of the best craftsmanship on a foam model you will ever see.  

Rafal is from Poland, which only highlights how global the hobby of RC flight is, but he clearly takes his models to the next level.  By incorporating killer decals, etching in panel lines, going through the extreme detail in the exhaust and every other part of the plane, he takes a standard kit from 6mmFlyRC (free plans here of course) and takes it up several notches. By making drop tanks, different under wing ornaments, this is the best example of taking the hobby to a new heights.

Remember, if you have any photos or video of your model in action, send them on over and we will share them with the world!

Check out the photos and begin to drool!


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We just checked in on the stats from last month and we have some shake up in the most popular downloads on Parkjets. We never know what will be popular, and have some theories about why plans bounce around a little. But really, we have no idea. One thing we do know is that Jamie Rothwell designs are very popular! Let's get to the list.


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We know we are running way, way behind this month in updating the site. What can we say, things got busy. But we did pull the data and have the list for the new Top 10 plans on Parkjets. Now, the last few months have been interesting with some new #1 plans, and this month, we have some shake ups a well. Here we go.

TOP 10 PLANS - JULY 2013

Top 10ParkJets
The heat of the summer is here. This is usually the time of year we see a bit of a drop in traffic and activity, as many builders are out flying and crashing their winter projects. But, we still have a Top 10 List for July and we have some new members of the Top 10 club, a new #1 and more. Let's go!


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It's that time folks.  Last month, we had a new king of parkjets, the SU-37 (updated version) by Jamie Rothwell. It knocked off the long-time king, the Steve Shumate designed F-22 Raptor.  Can the Russian beauty hold back the Raptor? Let's find out!

TOP 10 PLANS - MAY 2013

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Folks, for the first time in a year, we have a new #1 plan downloaded on parkjets since we started keeping track just about a year ago. Honestly, we never thought it would happen. But it has. 

For those of you new to the site, you might not know that every month, we break down the most popular plans and let you check them out, so you can get a jump start on some popular plans. After all, the popular plans are popular for a reason. They have good documentation, excellent flying capabilities, and look good too. 

Well, let's check out the most popular downloads for May 2013 and see who is king of the mountain!


Top 10ParkJets

Every month, for nearly a year, we have been logging the most popular plans on parkjets on a monthly basis. Its time to look at last month, and see what the list has in order. Here we go!

10. Cutlass by SDParkflyers - The Cutlass has come to Parkjets and its found a great little spot. The Cutlass is a great beginner plane, featuring broad delta wings and moderate speed. A great Parkjet!


Top 10ParkJets

It's hard to believe its already spring time.  Hopefully you had a chance to get your winter projects finished and are preparing to get them up and flying soon. 

And since it's the beginning of the month, it's also time to let you know what plans are the most popular on Parkjets.  Let's get started.

TOP 10 - JANUARY 2013

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To kick off the new year, its time to take a look at what people downloaded on We have been maintaining the Top 10 list now for the better part of 9 months and there have been many new plans to crack the list, some stay, while some fall off to an old classic.  

Before we really get started, we want to thank everyone for an incredible January 2013. Parkjets received over over 30,000 visitors who looked at 239,000 pages on Parkjets! That's the biggest traffic month yet! So thank you.  

Alright, let's get to the top 10 plans for the month of January 2013!


Top 10ParkJets

Every month, we have been posting the Top 10 list of the most popular plans on Parkjets.  So now its time for December 2012!  So how do we determine the most popular downloads?  Simple, we analyze the intenet traffic and rank the plans based on popular plans for the month.  

So let's not waste any time, after all, its nearly 2013.  Here we go:



One of the more popular resources on Parkjets is the various interviews we have conducted designer and companies in the RC Community.  A lot of people enjoy reading the interviews for idea and inspiration for their next build.  We thought it might be a good idea to do an “interview roundup” and pull out some of the best tidbits from each interview, link them all and create an easy resource for you to go to time and time again.  And since we are reaching out to designers and members of the RC Community all the time, this is one resource that will continue to grow, just like the number of free downloads in our catalog. 

If you have never taken a few minutes and actually read through these interviews, there is almost something for everyone, so get a cup of coffee or something and read over a few. 


Frequent visitors to Parkjets probably already knows the name Steve Shumate.  His designs have been featured in multiple print magazines and continue to be very popular on Parkjets.  Some even call him the "godfather of parkjets."  Since Steve's designs are by far the most popular download on our site and since we started this interview series, we figured we would shoot him an E-mail.  Well, we reached out to Steve and asked if he would be willing do a small interview with Parkjets and he agreed!  So sit back and enjoy a little insight from one of the best designers of RC Parkflyers out there...Steve Shumate.



As we were checking out YouTube, we noticed this recent video of the Steve Shumate F-18 Hornet in action.  The F-18 is one of the oldest parkjet designs and is an excellent parkflyer.