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Top 10ParkJets

Every month, for nearly a year, we have been logging the most popular plans on parkjets on a monthly basis. Its time to look at last month, and see what the list has in order. Here we go!

10. Cutlass by SDParkflyers - The Cutlass has come to Parkjets and its found a great little spot. The Cutlass is a great beginner plane, featuring broad delta wings and moderate speed. A great Parkjet!



Okay, so it's obvious we have been slacking on adding in plans and keeping up with the constant demands of Parkjets and the folks that visit often.  Rest assured we have not been doing nothing.  We are working on a few more plans, working hard to boost our social network standing and just trying to keep up with life.

In the meantime, we updated the very popular Mermaid plan with a great short video of the Mermaid on grass. 

This video lives in the plans page, but here it is without all the clicking.