#1 in RC Parkjet Plans

EADS Barracuda



One of the more popular resources on Parkjets is the various interviews we have conducted designer and companies in the RC Community.  A lot of people enjoy reading the interviews for idea and inspiration for their next build.  We thought it might be a good idea to do an “interview roundup” and pull out some of the best tidbits from each interview, link them all and create an easy resource for you to go to time and time again.  And since we are reaching out to designers and members of the RC Community all the time, this is one resource that will continue to grow, just like the number of free downloads in our catalog. 

If you have never taken a few minutes and actually read through these interviews, there is almost something for everyone, so get a cup of coffee or something and read over a few. 



For those of you that haven't had a chance to get on over to and check out the newest RC plan on Parkjets, here is the video of the EADS Barracuda.  The plan file contains plans for a 68mm (or larger) EDF fan and also a mini version of the EADS Barracuda that is roughly 60% size and fits a 50mm EDF fan. 



We recently got a plan submitted to via E-mail that caught our attention, the EADS Barracuda. Being that it was all the way from Germany, of a German design, it was immediately pretty unique. Here is the meat of it:

Hi...a few weeks ago I got bored of flying RTF-models, so I decided to design and build my own aircraft. helped me a lot in that process so thanks for that. I based my design on the EADS-Barracuda, a prototype drone aircraft. It ended up working better, than i thought it would, and the final model is an easy to build, unique looking EDF....Sabastian.

We decided to talk to the designer a little bit more about his design and got some excellent feedback. We think it will provide you with some insight and ideas about designing and flying. So here we go.