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Twin Cargo We just crossed the 110 threshold and now we are up to 112 RC plans on Parkjets for free download.  Pretty amazing!  And we have about 6-8 we are working on getting posted.  Before you know it, we will be at 125 plans and then 200!  Whew.  

But let's talk about what we just posted.  First we uploaded another installement of a Jamie Rothwell special: The Twin Cargo.  A bit non-traditional, the Cargo Twin is a twin engine cargo plane, with the props on the front!  Very odd indeed.  But the Cargo Twin is a nice addition to the catalog.  The beast can hover, carry a load and bring you a smile after every flight.  Check it out. 

Cylon Raider

Secondly, we added to the growing portfolio of SG Talon.  His other designs are great and the Cylon Raider rounds out his offerings nicely.  The Cylon Raider performs very well, floats easy but can rocket with the best of them. Best of all, he offers a CNC cut kit and sweet decals to make it look right.  So check it out, and be sure to visit his website and purchase a kit if you are so inclined.