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We just added to our growing catalog of free downloads of RC plans, the Drongo.  It's designed by Marcel du Plessis, who already designed the BD-5, Sea Dart, and the Draken.  The free file download includes full size drawings as well as tiled plans for A4 and letter size printers.  That way, you can print them off at home, piece them together and get to cutting.  

What the heck is a Drongo anyway? Besides the newest free plan on Parkjets, thanks to wikipedia, its a type of bird that hangs out in the old world tropics.  Who knew?  But its a great name for the water born parkjet.  This, along with the Sea Dart and Polaris gives you the opportunity to land and take off from the water.  A unique experience and a heart racing one.  

So check out the Drongo, you won't be dissapointed!