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The designer of the awesome Alpha Jet, Jamie Rothwell, sent us his take on the popular F-15 Eagle.  One of the best platforms for parkflying, the F-15 by Jamie Rothwell features a semi-scale look and a mid-mounted prop with a full fuse nose design that takes simple design to the next level of scale looks.  A very smooth flyer and very simple to set up with two servos and elevons, the F-15 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick build and excellent flying.  

Like most our plans, we have video and pictures of the finished product along with suggested set up from the designer.  One great thing about the F-15 is the wide range of options for powering the Eagle.  Anything from a small 1000 mAh battery all the way to a 2200 mAh battery will get the job done, depending of course, on the motor you choose.  

Check it out!