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One month down, two more plans added, a shake up in the Top 10 list and summer is quickly coming to a close. July was a fast month, it seems like only a few days ago we were talking about June and all the projects we have yet to complete sitting on our RC workbench.  So what are the most popular free RC parkjet plans that were downloaded in July?  Great question, and we have your answer.  All of these plans are fantastic, so if you are new to Parkjets and want to know where to start, this is a great place.  Take a look at the Top 10 and take your pick. Here we go!

10. Eurofighter by Tomhe - The Eurofighter by Tomas Hellberg is an excellent, fantastic RC design.  We have said it a million times, but the large delta wings of the Eurofighter give it plenty of lift and the abilty to slow down. The simple design allows the Eurofighter to be fast and very stable.  (June rank: #8)

9. F-14 by Jason Swisher - The F-14 is a fantastic profile design that lets builders build quickly and still have a very scale looking model.  This design doesn't have swing wings but who cares when you can be up and flying in just a couple of hours.  This RC model is beginning to be a main stay on the Top 10 list for good reason.  (June rank: #10)

8. Drongo by Marcel du Plessis - The Drongo is a familiar looking airframe with the ability to take off and land in water. Can't beat that.  The design is very simple and yet it is not a profile RC parkflyer.  (June rank: #5)

7. Alpha Jet by Jamie Rothwell - The Alpha Jet is one of the most unique designs on the entire website.  Featuring a double wing and no carbon supports, the Alpha Jet is one of the most aerobatic RC downloads out there.  Some have called it the ultimate RC parkflyer.  (June rank: #7)

6. Ultimate 3D - The Ultimate remains on the list for the 4th straight month.  A bi-plane with a pension for 3D flying, the Ultimate is simple yet effective.  The Ultimate combination for an RC airplane! (June rank: #6(

5. F-35 by RC Cal - With the real F-35's being delivered to Europe now and the integration of the airplane into the U.S. Airforce, the F-35 by RC Cal continues to be a popular download.  One of the best looking, simple builds out there and one of the best over all flyers on Parkjets, the F-35 is hard to beat.  (June rank #4)

4. F-14 by MDC - This RC plan has been popular since we posted it.  The F-14 by MDC keeps the scale movable wings in tact, but keeps the design about as simple as you can while making the wing move.  (June rank #2)

3. F-15 by Jamie Rothwell - Adding to the Alpha Jet, Jamie Rothwell cranked out a fantastic and unique design for the F-15 Eagle.  Its part profile, part full fuse and all fun.  It has a mid-mounted motor and full fuse nose.  (June rank: N/A)

2. Hydro - The Hydro isn't really a plane.  Or a boat.  Or a plane/boat.  Its everything and nothing at the same time.  It still amazes that this design is so popular, but its worth checking out.  Water capable, air capable, fun capable.  (June rank #3)

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate - Ho hum, again the F-22 by Steve Shumate reigns supreme.  A full fuse design, complete with thrust vectoring and plenty of support from folks like 6mmFlyRC (decals, clear canopies, etc), the F-22 is by far and away the most popular parkjet on the site.  Not a simple build, but well worth the effort.  (June rank #1).

There you have it folks, the Top 10 free downloads on Parkjets for the month of July.  We will be adding a couple more plans in August and are always on the lookout for more plans, so if you have some, shoot them our way.