#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



A customer of 6mmFlyRC sent over some pictures and we thought we would post them to show off some of the best craftsmanship on a foam model you will ever see.  

Rafal is from Poland, which only highlights how global the hobby of RC flight is, but he clearly takes his models to the next level.  By incorporating killer decals, etching in panel lines, going through the extreme detail in the exhaust and every other part of the plane, he takes a standard kit from 6mmFlyRC (free plans here of course) and takes it up several notches. By making drop tanks, different under wing ornaments, this is the best example of taking the hobby to a new heights.

Remember, if you have any photos or video of your model in action, send them on over and we will share them with the world!

Check out the photos and begin to drool!