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We just finished posting up two new plans by Marcel du Plessis. His designs are rock solid and he already had four models in Free Plans Catalog. These are two great examples of plans you can put together in fairly short order and achieve great results with just a little effort.  

The Mermaid is another water-borne parkjet that uses a lot of the same principals as the Drongo and the Sea Dart, but offers a little different look.  Based on the real thing, the Mermaid is a great looking model. 

Next, we posted Marcel's version of the Dassalt Mirage F1 fighter jet.  His inspiration comes from designs by Tomas Hellberg and it shows.  The Mirage also uses a little bit of plastic sheeting to achieve a more scale look around the air intakes.  All in all, a very stunning model. 

So take a look at our Free Plans page, you will find something you will want to build, and with the winter storms still bearing down on the Heartland, and spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to get to building.