#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



We had a member of the RC Community out there submit some pictures and video of his version of the Mike Jackson Dassault Rafale profile style parkjet.  

So we thought we would get them posted. 

This is an excellent plan, inspired by the designs of Tomas Hellberg, that provides a great platform for a parkjet. The large delta wings, large control surfaces and simple set up, coupled with a mid-motor mount design make for an easy to fly and build jet. 

Enjoy the pics and thanks for passing them on Scott!

Oh, and one last thing, in his E-mail, he mentions he donated to the designer directly using our paypal links. That's awesome, we hope everyone does and you should know that we don't get a cut or even know when a donation has been made. But we do know that more donations mean designers are inspired to keep designing, meaning you can keep building and we can keep posting.