#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



A Parkjet fan sent us over his pictures of his Steve Shumate T-38 build.  And we have to say, it turned out awesome. He dressed it up in the popular "sundowners" scheme complete with the details that make it look right in the air. 

Shameless plug: Our sponsor, 6mmFlyRC has a bunch of awesome decals for FREE download right on their site, including the sundowner scheme. If nothing else, you can get some inspiration, at best, you can just adapt and use them for your own bird.

But enough talking, check out these awesome shots, oh and we uploaded these right to the free plans page as well. The Shumate T-38 is a great build for a first time builder as well as the advanced modeler. The sexy coke bottle shape and small wings make the T-38 fast and it rolls like a drill bit. A personal favorite. 

Thanks Craig for the pics! Keep up the good work!