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The designer of the SU-37, F-15, Eurofighter, and more just sent us over the latest design from FRCFoamies, the F-15 MK2.  Now, while it may look like the original F-15 MK1, it is a completly new design offering some improvements in scale and performance. 

Like most of FRC's designs, this one is able to handle just about any reasonable motor and ESC combo you have laying around, so with just a little bit of foam, a few spare parts, you can get your hands on sticks and be flying this F-15.  Go check it out.  

Now, we have to say one thing, you know if you have been around very long, but we like just about any parkjet design that features a large delta shaped wing and the F-15 fits the bill.  That shape gives you great stability without being too draggy.  Do yourself a favor, check out the files, after all, like all our FREE Parkjet downloads, you can download away, check it out, and get to building.