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This is a great little project that was passed along to us by a reader of  We thought the timing was perfect!  After all, Halloween is just around the corner and putting together a quick project to fly around the neighborhood is a perfect weekend project.  

The design is very simple actually, but in profile, it looks just like a witch on her broom.  Since this is a speciality plan, we thought we would post it here first and then move it to the catalog a little later.  Our publishing schedule in the catalog is a little backed up.  

Here are the vitals:

AUW: 9.5 ounces
Motor: TowerPro 2408-10 brushless
Prop: GWS 8x4
Battery: 11.1V, 800 mAh Common Sense R/C Lipo
Servos: 9 grams per servo


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