#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



Guys, we know ourselves. Many of you haven't even put together a Christmas list for your loved ones so they are likely strolling the local malls and big box stores looking for something that might catch their eye. That's why we men end up with cartoon character ties, wool socks, and some tool that we likely will never use. And that's on a good Christmas. A bad year we are looking a tin of popcorn and underwear. Don't let this be a bad year. 

So we are here to help you out. Just forward this E-mail to whoever to clue them in on a couple of ideas.

1. Get a kit from They have a lot of the best designs all laser cut for you, they come with goodies like clear canopies and hardware to get you a jump start on your build. Want a scale model, they got you covered with the F-22 Raptor by Steve Shumate (the number 1 design on Parkjets). Want a simple profile build, they have that too. Check them out.  But hurry, so they can get it in the mail in time for the big morning. 

2. Really short on time? Maybe you are new to building, maybe you want some premium support for your build, then might we suggest the RCPowers V4 Pro Pack. It will give you the plans, unparralled support, awesome beginners tips and tutorials and lots of goodies you might find useful. Check out our full review. Right now, it's $50 for everything and since it's an electronic gift, boom, it's done as soon as you click the mouse. 

Now, those are two gifts that you can enjoy for a long time. So let your loved ones know what you want, it makes things so much better.  And you don't have to fake liking that crappy gift that is headed your way right now, unless you do something about it.