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So the first month of 2014 is already over and we are just pressing halfway through Feburary.  How time flies! Hopefully many of you trapped by the mountain of snow in much of the country have had a great opportunity to get in some much needed build time on your spring fleet.  

As always, let's take a look at the most popular plans for January 2014.  We have a couple of old friends crack back into the list and the reigning king is de-throned for the top spot.  Here we go.

10. Cargo Twin - The Cargo Twin keeps on being popular in part because of its easy build design and also because it offers a cool way to hve a unique plane at the park. Using twin motors and rock solid building techniques, the Twin Cargo is a nice change of pace for any fleet.

9. F-22 by Tomas Hellberg - This profile F-22 design is an excellent weekend project or for more experienced builders, just a few hours. It features tabbed designs, thrust vectoring in the simplest terms, and great durability. Oh, and if you really want to accelerate your build time, pick up a laser cut version from 6mmFlyRC!

8. Hydro - The Hydro is part boat, part park flyer. Available in EDF or tractor designs, the Hydro will impress at the local duck pond, unless its frozen over!

7. SAF-14 - A unique design, a unique flyer. The SAF-14 might not be a real jet for you or me, but a model that mixes up several modern designs into one great looking model can't be a bad thing. 

6. Mermaid - The Mermaid, like the name implies, is a parkjet that is comfortable in the water as well as the air. With a motor mounted high above the body, your electronics are protected. 

5. F-35 - Simple profile design plus thrust vectoring plus quick build time plus modern looks equal one heck of a parkjet platform. 

4. SU-37 MK2 - Featuring a score and fold method (like the F-15 up next) the SU-37 is all Russian and all great performance. The design achieves a full body look with minimal build time.

3. F-15 MK2 - Like the SU-37, the F-15 brings the American version of air superiority to score and fold building. 

2. F-22 by Steve Shumate - This design is usually #1, and we have no doubt it will keep pushing for top of the heap. Scale design and thrust vectoring and you can get a laser cut kit means the F-22 is a winner every time at the flying field. 

1. Hotspot - The Hot Spot is in the TOP spot! One of the newer designs on Parkjets, the Hot Spot is a funjet spinoff that has a large delta wing and easy to set up controls. Check out the design and get to building. 

That wraps up another Top 10 for Parkjets. Check back in a few weeks, with the awesome YF-23 uploaded at the beginning of Feburary, we think we might have another strong contender for the top slot. Now, get to downloading!