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We just finished up adding in three new plans from the designer of the X-Shuttle, which quickly brings Robertus' total to four plans in our ever growing FREE PLANS catalog. So let's not waste anytime, here is a brief rundown of the new designs. 

First up is the Hammerhead. And it looks like you might imagine. Front cannards, reversed wings, and futuristic looks that will have your flying buddies wondering if it will even achieve lift-off. But it will, get the COG right, and it flies just fine. 

Next, we have the SU-22 Fitter, a great looking swing wing aircraft from Russia. Now, for you experienced builders, the SU-22 is a great way to test your skills.  Beginner builders, you might want to get a little time behind the razor blades and epoxy before trying this one. But a great addition to the catalog.

Last, we have the F-302 from the TV show Stargate. Similar to the Hammerhead, this one doesn't look like it wants to fly in a real atmosphere, but it does and very well. With dyhedrial and a forward swept wing, the shape is very unique. 

With these three plans, plus the X-Shuttle, we are very happy to have Robertus as a contributor to Parkjets. We put his name in the sorter on the Free Plans page, so now you can just go straight to his work. We want to thank Robertus and all our designers for letting us host their awesome work.