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We just uploaded another plan to the growing catalog of FREE PLANS right on our site. Now that brings the total number of free plans up to 135, which is a pretty big deal.  We can’t believe we are only 15 plans away from crossing the big 150 milestone. It will be here soon enough. Building a good quality catalog is not easy and takes a lot of time, but with over 35,000 people downloading plans every month, we know there is always room for one more plan!

So, following up on his EDF wonder, the SAF-14, the designer, E. Flores brings us a delta wing EDF Saber Tooth Tiger.  This design is ultra-light weight, has a single vertical stabilizer, and can perform very well with a modest motor and fan set up.  Slap a cool paint job on it and you have a real stunner at the park with this design.  The Saber Tooth Tiger is stable flyer and set up for a 64mm fan but can be converted to accept a traditional pusher configuration with a prop.  Go ahead and download it, check it out and see what you think, after all, it’s totally free.