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With May closing out, and the heat of June already bearing down, it’s time to get to the most popular downloads on Parkjets for last bit of spring. We have some new comers to the list, some old favorites, and a couple of surprises.  Let’s get to it and kick off June right.

10. F-15 MK2 by Jamie Rothwell: We have a few F-15 models on Parkjets and they are all excellent flyers. The Eagle’s broad delta like wing and large flying surfaces make the design an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike.  The Rothwell version utilizes score and fold techniques to give you that full fuse look with minimal effort. 

9. Hot Spot by Domenico Sebastiani: The Hot Spot keeps on keeping on as a popular plan on Parkjets. The “fun jet” like design is a proven performer, while this version keeps the building simple. Just like we like it.

8. X-Shuttle by Robertus: Simple design usually means an easy to fly plane and the X-Shuttle fits this description. Broad wings, simple control surfaces and a simple design means you have time to install LED lights and light up the dark, just like the designer.

7. Hydro: The Hydro is consistently in the Top 10 for Parkjets and while we keep thinking it will lose its popularity, it never seems to for very long. Part boat, part airplane, the Hydro is the perfect craft to terrorize those ducks at your local pond while providing the on-lookers something they rarely see, a boat that can fly.

6. Mermaid by Marcel du Plessis: Another aircraft capable of working in the water, the Mermaid design uses a high motor mount, traditional design cues for construction and a proven design. The Mermaid is an excellent flyer and will not disappoint you.

5. SU-22 Fitter by Robertus: The SU-22 Fitter isnot an easy plane to build, with swing wings and a complicated design.  But as you know, Parkjets tries to offer something for everyone and the Fitter is a great alternative to more common models.

4. YF-23 by Craig Clarkstone: The Grey Ghost, the YF-23 is the design that lost out to the F-22 Raptor when the U.S. decided which new plane to buy. But the Air Force’s loss is your gain. This is one of the most scale depron models we have in our Free Plans catalog, so the build is not simple. But what you can achieve with a little time and effort is well worth it.

3. SU-37 by Jamie Rothwell: Just like his F-15 design (#10 above) the SU-37 uses score and fold building techniques that allow you to build quickly, achieve some scale looks, while keeping the design very simple. The SU-37 plans contained here also have a variant option, sans canard, that give you a great way to keep things fresh.

2. F-302 Tau’ri by Robertus: The Tau’ri is one of the most unusual designs on Parkjets. Straight from the TV series Stargate, the F-302 has some unique features that make it look unflyable.  Dihedral, forward swept wings, and more make this one a great alternative if you are looking for something strange.

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate: The F-22 comes out on top again. The thrust vectoring, the scale looks, the available kit options, the decals, the detailed instruction guide.  Is there any wonder it’s been number 1 for so long and so consistently?  This is not an beginner build, but the results are worth the hard work.