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July is nearly half way over and we have not posted the Top 10 most downloaded plan on Parkjets for June yet!  Well, time to fix that little oversight.  We have some real changes to the Top 10 list this month, probably due to a better way we are now keeping track of the number of downloads, but much remains the same. Let’s get to it.

10. Super Bandit by Steve Shumate – The Super Bandit slips into the Top 10 list again. The Super Bandit is a superb design by Steve Shumate that combines easy flight, fairly simple construction and the ability to accommodate many different sizes of EDF fans. It can even be configured for a simple pusher set up as well.

9. F-15 MK2 by Jamie Rothwell – The F-15 is an excellent example of the movement to simple score and fold designs that let you achieve a full fuse design without the hassle of sanding and building up a box with formers.  A timeless design that lends itself perfectly for RC Parkjet flying, the F-15 is a must for your fleet.

8. F-302 Tau’ri by Robertus – The F-302 is a fantasy design that combines nearly impossible designs into one mean looking parkjet. Modeled after a popular TV show, the F-302 will be one of the most unique flyers at the field.

7. YF-23 Gray Ghost by Craig Clarkstone – You want a challenge?  You want one of the best looking designs out there? How about building a scale and amazing YF-23 Grey Ghost parkjet.  This design is very well documented and very well tested.

6. Mermaid by Marcel du Plessis – The Mermaid remains a very popular design on Parkjets.  One, it can take-off right from the grass or water, the design makes it easy to fly, and the simple control surfaces make it a real great flyer.

5. T-720 Broadhead by Domenico Sebastiani – The T-720 is classic design with a few twists, ones which make the parkjet unique.  The large oversized canards, the tail boom between the vertical stabs, the winglets, and aggressive slant of the wings all make the Broadhead a parkjets Top 10.

4. SU-37 Terminator by Jamie Rothwell – The SU-37/SU-35 download stays popular!  This is a smaller version of another design with some improvements and the ability to saw off the canards for the SU-035 variant. Like his F-15 above, the SU-37 features score and fold designs that make for a quick build with great in-air realism.

3. FA-209 Saber Tooth Tiger by Eduardo Flores – The Saber Tooth Tiger is a nice little EDF flyer that boasts a terrific weight to thrust ratio, giving it excellent performance.  The easy construction and big wings mean it stays stable in flight and makes for quick repairs when things don’t go right.

2. Hydro – The Hydro jumped up the charts last month, making sure it cements its status as one of the most popular downloads on Parkjets. Part boat, part airplane, the Hydro fills your checklist pretty quickly.  EDF option? Yes!

1. F-22 Raptor by Steve Shumate – The undisputed king of Parkjets stays at the top of the list again. The F-22 Raptor is a classic Steve Shumate effort, excellent documentation, excellent performance, and good scale make it an great choice for anyone to build. 

That's it! Stay tuned, we have a couple more parkjet plans to upload and you never know when a new plan will knock off the #1 download!