#1 in RC Parkjet Plans

New Parkjets


It's taken a while to get all done, but Parkjets has put on a new coat of paint and now it's better than ever. We have a new logo, new site, new everything. Let's keep it brief, but here are the main highlights....

First, the site is now geared toward actually working on your mobile device, whether that be a phone or tablet, Parkjets will now look great everywhere you tap into technology. 

Second, all the media, pictures, videos, and information you need is all in one place, without the need to click through a bunch of stuff. 

Third, now when you download a file, we send you an E-mail, again, so you can browse with your phone, download, and get the file to your desktop wherever you might be looking at plans.  

Finally, less ads!  We are moving away from ads that clutter up your experience, making everything look better. 

Over the next few weeks we will be tweaking the site even more, to make it fit just right, but for now, welcome back to Parkjets, still the #1 site to download free RC plans in the world.