#1 in RC Parkjet Plans

6mmFlyRC is Gone


As many of you know by now, the decade old Parkjet kit producer 6mmFlyRC closed their doors last month and stopped shipping out kits due to the difficulty of obtaining locally sourced Depron and a general slow down in the kit business in everything not "drone" related. 

But 6mmFlyRC didn't just have kits, they many cool files and downloadable content like decals and instructions and even some canopies that will be lost forever. 

Parkjets and 6mmFlyRC have been working together and Parkjets is working to keep that content and some of the smaller products alive. 

In the coming weeks, Parkjets will be adding the awesome decals for download, great pictures and videos, and looking to see if we can add canopies and perhaps some other small items for the scratch builder. 

Stay tuned for updates! And say goodbye to 6mmFlyRC, a good run and a good product!