#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



Installing Magnets:(In Foam)

Locate and glue in all the single magnets flush on the fuse bottom. Cut small squares of saran wrap and place on top of them for a glue barrier. Now place the matching magnets on the ones you glued into the fuse with the saran wrap trapped between them.

Carefully place the fuse on the wing and make sure it is perfectly lined up. Apply pressure to the fuse at all magnet locations to make an indentation of the magnet into the wing. Remove fuse, dig out all the indented places so that the magnets will fit flush. Fill the dug out places with glue ( I always use epoxy for this) and refit the fuse to the wing. Weigh down or tape securely until the glue cures. After the glue has set, pull the fuse off, remove the saran wrap squares and you have the magnets all glued in and perfectly aligned and never a problem with aligning the correct polarity.