#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



So you are ready to print your plans but don't have a Kinkos or other printing service around to get the job done.  Now what?  Well, there are a couple of options for you here.  

Winger Models is a great choice For Original and Reduced Size Plans.  Almost all plans offered on Parkjets are included.  You can pay via PayPal.  Buy On-line and have the plans mailed to you.  It's that easy!


If you are planning on super sizing your parkjet, you can see if LBMiller5 of RC GROUPS can help.  He can print all of Steve Shumate's Parkjet Plans like the F-14, F-15, F-18, T-38, Saab Gripen, and Super Bandit are now available in Larger Sizes 133%, 150%, 166%, 175%, and 200%.  A portion of the sale of each set of plans will be paid to Steve Shumate as a royalty fee.

Contact LBMiller5 through RC GROUPS.  (Note, you will have to be a member of RC GROUPS to send LBMiller5 a message through RC GROUPS.  It's free to join.)