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With summer quickly coming to a close and the winter build projects beginning to take shape, it's that time of the month to look back and see what plans have been the most popular in the month of September.  For the new builder out there, sometimes it can help to see what other builders are tackling to help narrow down the pool of over 100 free plans on  Let's get to it!

10.  Alpha Jet by Jamie Rothwell - The Alpha Jet has been a popular plan since the day we posted it.  It is a design like no other, totally unique and totally not a real life airplane.  But that is why it is so popular.  The Alpha Jet is simple to build and is an excellent performer at the flying field (last month rank: 7).

Alpha Jet

9. SU-37 by Steve Shumate - The SU-37 is probably the best example of a Steve Shumate designed parkjet. Beautiful lines, excellent scale and  with something extra thrown in like twin thrust vectoring makes the SU-37 a beast at the flying field.  Additionally, with support and extras from the folks at 6mmFlyRC, you can really dress it up right with a clear canopy or just opt for the laser cut kit (last month rank: 9).

8. F-14 by MDC - A perfect blend of scale, movable wings and all, and simple construction techniques make the F-14 a top plan every month.  If you want a build that will challenge you but cause a stir at the flying field, build it. Simple as that (last month rank: 8).

F-14 by MDC

7. Eurofighter by Jamie Rothwell - A newcomer to the top 10 list, the Eurofighter by Jamie Rothwell is an excellently designed EDF model of a very popular design platform.  The Eurofighter offers a broad wing span and plenty of wing loading, so you can put just about any combo of power gear inside.  The Jamie Rothwell design features some thrust vectoring tabs that provide plenty of aerobatics (last month rank: N/A).

6. Hydro - The Hydro is probably one of the most popular designs in history.  The boat and flying capability is strangely alluring, leading to plenty of downloads.  Want a unique project, give the Hydro a good look (last month rank: 3).

5. SU-31 by Tomas Hellberg - The SU-31 is a new comer to and isn't even a "jet" in the traditional sense.  But when Tomas Hellberg designs something, we instantly knew it would be popular. A simple profile tractor driven prop fighter.  Simple graphics like a cockpit art and you have yourself a fast weekend project that flies great and looks great (last month rank: N/A).


4. F-35 by RC Cal - The F-35 remains popular.  Simple profile design, scale looks in the air, and excellent performance.  Give yourself a few hours on a Saturday and you can knock it out (last month rank: 4).

3. F4F Wildcat by Jamie Rothwell - The Wildcat is a pretty new design to and is one of the few non jets we have in the catalog.  But Jamie Rothwell's design is simple and scale, using a score and fold method, he faithfully recreates many of the features of this WWII warbird (last month rank: 6). 

F4F Wildcat

2. F-15 by Jamie Rothwell - The F-15 debuted a few months ago and almost knocked off the long standing king of parkjets.  This month it was close again and for good reason.  The F-15 features a simple scale design that is a nice blend of scale (full fuse) and simple profile builds.  It all leads to a great looking model with excellent flight characteristics (last month rank: 2)

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate - The undisputed king of comes through again.  The F-22 is by far one of the best looking models out of foam out there.  A little heat gun and some serious build skill is required, but if you want a 3 month project for the cold winter, the F-22 should be at the top of your list.  And with great accessories like clear canopies and decals from 6mmFlyRC, you have plenty of options to spice up your F-22 (last month rank: 1). 

F-22 by Steve Shumate