#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



Just as the weekend was wrapping up, the designer of the Alpha Jet, F4F Wildcat and the F-15 shot us a quick E-mail with some new plans for the catalog. Now, we just added the great looking (and performing) Eurofighter EDF to the free plans catalog.

Mr. Rothwell designed this one around a 70mm EDF set up, but the design is large enough to accomadate a 90mm fan, so you have plenty of options.  And like you might expect, the design has a few twists that make it totally unique, starting with the thrust vectoring tabs right in the back.  Now, we are just guessing here, for the pilot that prefers a prop pusher set up, looks like with a little fire wall work, a prop would fit on this design as well. 

The whole design takes two sheets of depron foam (6mm) and can be controlled with only two servos.  Give this one a shot, the Eurofighter is an excellent park flyer platform and can take just about anything you can throw at it.  You really can't go wrong.