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Our sponsor, 6mmFlyRC, sent us these amazing pictures of one of their customer's modification to their kit, which is based on the Tomas Hellberg F-18E Super Hornet.  Of course you can download the plans here for free, but this customer chose to use his time doing some customization rather than cutting foam.  I think we can all appreciate his efforts. 

The F-18E by Tomas Hellberg is a very popular download, although it doesn't ususally make the Top 10 every month, it's always lurking just behind the leaders.  The F-18 just doesn't look good, it flies great, is very easy to assemble and from the looks of these modifications, a great platform to let your imagination run wild.  

The F-18 features thrust vectoring tabs and a profile design.  The large wings and strake give it great lift, and a huge platform to put just about any motor on it you want.  So go for it.  In the mean time, get inspired!  Check out the pictures!

F-18 Parkjet

F-18E Park Flyer

F-18 Plane Plans