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Like every month, when the first of the month rolls around, we take a look at the most popular plans that visitors to parkjets have looked at and downloaded. It gives news visitors a good idea about what others are doing and a good place to start exploring. Without wasting too much time, let's see where the most popular free RC airplane plans reside on parkjets for the month of November.

10. F-35 by RC Cal: The F-35 by RC Cal has a lot to like if you are just getting into building your own RC airplanes but also has a lot to like if you are a seasoned builder and pilot.  First off, the design is simple and easy to cut out and assemble.  Second, 6mmFlyRC offers a pre-cut kit if you want to skip the whole tracing and cutting phase. Third, the F-35 offers a great mix of stability and jet like performance due to its large wing area.  If you want an easy build that will perform great, give the F-35 a shot.

 9. SU-37 by Steve Shumate: They call it "The Terminator" for a reason.  This model is a beast.  With twin engines, thrust vectoring, and really great scale features, you can't go wrong.  This is not a real complicated build, but it does contain a lot of pieces in the plans, so have your exacto knife ready (or pick up a kit from 6mmFlyRC). When its all said and done, the SU-37 is one of the most impressive parkjet designs out there, on this site or any others.  

8. F/A 241 by Sean Correia: The fictional F/A-241 is a the newest addition to Parkjets but proved to be a popular download in November.  Based loosely on the Macross epic, the F/A-241 is a unique and nimble flyer.  Want something different at the flying field?  Go with the Shirke, no one else will have it.  

7. SU-37 by Jamie Rothwell: The SU-37 by Jamie Rothwell is the second SU-37 on the list this month but there is a good reason why; the SU-37 is an excellent platform for parkjets!  This design is a little simplier than Steve Shumate's version, but performs well and goes together quickly. 

6. SU-31 by Tomas Hellberg: Maybe you are wanting a little profile plane with a prop on the front.  Okay, check out the SU-31 by Tomas Hellberg.  You can't go wrong.  A simple scale design and large control surfaces mean you will have no problem building and flying this park flyer. 

5. Eurofighter by Jamie Rothwell: The Eurofighter, along with the F-35, F-22, and SU-37 is just one heck of a platform to start with in terms of designing a park flyer.  So you know with a design from Jamie Rothwell, the Eurofighter will not dissapoint.  

4. F-14 by MDC: This design is well proven as hundreds of folks have documented their builds.  And why not, the F-14 by MDC has great scale lines but does a nice job of balancing scale with ease of construction.  And with working swing wings, this design will keep you the talk of the flying field.  

3. Hydro: This design continues to be popular.  The Hydro combines the concept of a racing boat and a small parkjet into one.  Imagine taking out your RC toy and putting on the duck pond at your local park and puttering around.  Suddenly you slam on the trottle and your boat takes off and does a little circle around and lands again safely on the water.  That's what you get with the Hydro.

2. F-15 by Jamie Rothwell: The F-15 by Jamie Rothwell has been challenging the top spot since it arrived on Parkjets a few months ago and November was no different.  Like the other designs by Jamie Rothwell, the F-15 balances ease of construction with scale lines into an excellent weekend project.


1. F-22 by Steve Shumate: The F-22 by Steve Shumate remains the undisputed King of Parkjets.  This design one of the toughest builds you will have but the results are like no other.  If you want to skip cutting out all the plans, go with a kit, or brave the whole process solo.  Once you are finished, you will have a parkjet that will absolutely wow the crowd.  

That's it folks, another month, another Top 10 list and another bookmark for downloading some of the best parkjet designs on the internet.