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T-50 PAK-FA Parkjet

Honestly, this plan was actually submitted almost 11 months ago and got lost in the Parkjet inbox.  But when we were going through the mail, we noticed an attachment and did the "facepalm."  But now the T-50 PAK-FA is all posted in our Free Plans page

The designer tells us this is his "winter style" T-50 and based on the excellent photos, he faithfully recreated the actual paint of the real deal. 

The T-50, like a lot of profile style parkjets, features a simple design and can operate on tailerons only, although rudders and ailerons could be thrown on there pretty easily.  The designer also included two different sizes of the park flyer in his files, so we zipped them up together.  So if you download it, you get a two for one. 

The T-50 is Russia's 5th generation fighter that looks a lot like the American F-22 but with some noticable differences.  So if you want something a little different than all those Raptors flying around at your flying field, give the T-50 PAK-FA a shot.  It performs very well and based on the large wing span and generous control surfaces, it will provide an excellent platform to throw a lot of different motors and battery combos, ones you might just have lying around.  What do you have to lose?  The T-50 PAK-FA looks awesome!