#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



One of the more popular resources on Parkjets is the various interviews we have conducted with designers and companies in the RC Community. A lot of people enjoy reading the interviews for ideas and inspiration for their next build. We thought it might be a good idea to do an “interview roundup” and pull out some of the best tidbits from each interview, link them all, and create an easy resource for you to go to time and time again. And since we are reaching out to designers and members of the RC Community all the time, this is one resource that will continue to grow, just like the number of free downloads in our catalog.

If you have never taken a few minutes and actually read through these interviews, there is almost something for everyone, so get a cup of coffee or something and read over a few.

Interview: Sabastian Gulde, Designer of the EADS Barracuda | Advise on achieving beveled cuts on EPP foam: “I did build a hot wire cutter, however I noticed later that a utility knife and sanding paper works just as well if you take your time and mark the cutting line before. It is best to first cut out the part straight, and in a second step do the beveled cut.”

Interview: 6mmFlyRC – Company and Sponsor of | On lessons learned running your own RC business: “This won't be that popular to say but honestly the number one lesson we learned is that just because you have some people asking for a product, it doesn't mean it will sell. In some ways, it’s totally unpredictable.”

Interview: Jamie Rothwell, Designer of the Alpha Jet and more | On the Alpha Jets incredible high alpha capability: “The incredible high alpha is achieved because the leading edge of the top wing is slightly in front of the leading edge of the bottom wing. So when the plane is in high alpha, the top wing is scooping the air over the bottom wing and the propeller is also pulling air through the air intakes, which are in the middle of both wings.”

Interview: Nico Hobbies – Company and designer | Advise on purchasing an expensive brand name motor over cheaper models: “Personally, I see no reason why someone would need to purchase a Hacker or E-Flite brand motor just for better reliability, as I've had almost no issues with the cheaper brands.”

Interview: Steve Shumate – Designer | Advise to hobbyists: “The only thing I'd add is to encourage guys who are used to flying RTFs to try building a foam model from scratch or from a kit. The sense of satisfaction you'll get from the end result will probably give you a whole new appreciation for this great hobby.”