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Every month, we have been posting the Top 10 list of the most popular plans on Parkjets.  So now its time for December 2012!  So how do we determine the most popular downloads?  Simple, we analyze the intenet traffic and rank the plans based on popular plans for the month.  

So let's not waste any time, after all, its nearly 2013.  Here we go:

10. F-35 by RC Cal - The F-35 has been on and off the list, depending on the month and this month it creeps on the list at number 10.  As a park flyer, the F-35 is excellent.  You won't find a better flyer.  The thust vectoring tabs on the control surfaces give it incredible performace and the large wings give it great stability.  Pair it with a good motor and you have an excellent recipe for a great parkjet.

F-35 by RC Cal

9. SU-37 by Jamie Rothwell - The SU-37 is flat out one of the best looking RC airplanes out there.  And Jamie Rothwell's design incorporates some unique features.  First, his designs really try to marry the simple build techniques with the more time consuming box frame techniques pioneered by Steve Shumate.  WIth Jamie's score and fold method, the builder has a simple build, with the full fuse look of a more time consuming build.  Win win.  

8. Eurofigher by Jamie Rothwell - The Eurofigher incorporates the same score and fold method as the SU-37.  Its a great platform overall, with broad delta wings large control surfaces, the Eurofighter is a winner for any builder.

Eurofighter by Jamie Rothwell

7. F/A-241 Shrike by Sean Correia - This is a very unique looking platform but with its curved leading edges and canards, the F/A-241 is an easy flyer and a park flyer that you won't see anywhere else.  

6. F-14 by MDC - The F-14 might be retired from service, but the F-14 designed by MDC is a main stay on the Top 10 list.  And its no wonder, it has swing wings, profile design, and scale all to offer the builder.  It contains a lot of pieces, but the end result is stunning.

F-14 by MDC

5. SU-31 by Tomas Hellberg - The SU-31 isn't even a real jet, but a throwback to piston driven aircraft.  And this design is as simple as it gets.  The great thing, depending on the set up, the SU-31 can be a 3D plane, park flyer or just a nice cruiser around the flying field.  And with it being designed by Tomas Hellberg, you know its done right.

4. T-50 PAK-FA by Denis CyberD - The T-50 represents the newest 5th generation fighter from the Russians. Like most Russian jets, the lines are beautiful, the paint schemes are unique and the performace is excellent.  The T-50 here is a simple profile design with some scale details built in.  


3. F-15 by Jamie Rothwell - With three plans in the Top 10, Jamie Rothwell's designs are becoming very popular. Like the Eurofigher and SU-37, the score and fold method is utilzed and the result is excellent.  The Eagle has been a main stay in the U.S. Air Force for decades and this one should be added to your fleet.

2. Hydro - The Hydro is one of those designs that keeps moving up and down the Top 10 list every month.  The Hydro doubles as a plane and a park flyer all in one.  The video is practically viral at this point, and the downloads of the plans keep coming.  

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate - The F-22 has been #1 every month we have been keeping track, and for good reason.  The F-22 features some of the most scale lines of any foam RC airplane out there.  With the ability to add a clear canopy from 6mmFlyRC, decals by download, and plenty of paint possibilities, the F-22 is by far the most popular plan on Parkjets.  You want a scale foam airplane?  The F-22 is a good place to begin and end. 

F-22 by Steve ShumateThat's it folks, the Top 10 list for December 2012.  If you are a new builder out there, take a look at the Top 10 lists, they are a great place to start to decide what RC airplane plan you want to try first.  But take your time, has over 115 different plans to explore.