#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



Parkjets just added two new plans to round out 2012!  We added in the Firefly and the B-58 Hustler.  Both plans are designed by SGTalon but that is where the similarity ends.  First, the Firefly from the popular Sci-Fi western by the same name.  His simple profile design of the "Serenity" is like nothing you have seen before.  It doesn't even look like an airplane, or rocket, or shuttle.  It is a totally unique design that gets around the park just fine. Even though its not exactly an aerobatic champion, it is still a capable flyer.  

Next, we added an all time personal favorite, the B-58 Hustler.  As you might know, the real B-58 was the first super sonic bomber and was designed as a high altitude bomber that could penetrate enemy airspace and deliver a payload.  The design utilized large delta wings and some serious engines.  SGTalon's version is true to the look but a lot easier to build.  The simple profile design lends itself to quick build times and a wide envelope for electronic gear.  If you are a big fan of the "Hustler," give this design a good look and download.  After all, like all RC downloads on Parkjets, this one is totally free.