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Last month we checked out the downloads and put together a list of the top 10 plans downloaded for April. Well, May is a new month and let's see if there are new plans that have cracked the list. The rundown looks in many ways the same as last month but with some moving up and some moving down on the Iist and some making a first time appearance.

10. The Steve Shumate F-14: This is still on the list and frankly has been on the list for years. The timeless design and the ability to add decals and customize the park flyer makes it a favorite. Oh and swing wings do make it one of the most unique parkjets out there.

Steve Shumate F-14

9. The F-14 by Jason Swisher: This simple design has been a favorite since we added it months ago. The simple design and excellent performace makes it a no-brainer for a great first time parkjet or just an easy weekend build to take to the park.

8. Drongo by Marcel du Plessis: A new plan has made an appearance this month. Of course, this is the first month it could make the list. Time will tell if it will remain a parkjets favorite, but right now, it looks good. The Drongo features a great design along with simple methods for construction. And unlike most parkjets, this one takes off and lands in the water (or on land), something that is pretty unique.

7. Eurofighter by Tomas Hellberg: This is one of the best designs for park flyers around. The large delta wings and very large flight envelope make it a great candidate for any beginner or pro for a parkjet that stands out.

6. The Ultimate 3D: This is the only tractor type parkjet we have on the site and maybe that is why it is a popular download. Either way, an excellent design and great flying ability make the Ultimate a top 10 plan month after month.

5. F-35 by RC Cal: Between the Eurofighter and the F-35, these two airframes are just about ideal for park flying. Large wings, stable flight, and an ability to maneuver well make them both winners. The F-35 of course has global appeal too. Maybe that's why it continues to be popular on parkjets.

EADS Barracuda4. EADS Barracuda: It's a new plan, but a popular one for the last 60 days or so. One of the reasons has to be that this is one of the only designs we have ever seen for this upcoming drone from Germany. This factor combined with the dead simple and scale design makes it a no brainer for a great EDF park flyer.

3. Hydro: We have to be honest, this design is and concept has been around for a long time now and so it is a little surprising that it remains so popular on parkjets. But something about a boat that can also fly is so interesting that it's downloaded all the time.

2. F-14 by MDC: Dead simple design, fixed wing, great lines. You can't go wrong if you want an F-14 in your hanger to download the free F-14 plans here. And by the looks of it, lots of people have the exact same thoughts.

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate: Can anything top the F-22 by Steve Shumate? It's been a popular download for a couple of years now and it's place at number one seems cemented. The option for thrust vectoring on a park flyer is certainly one reason. The other is the incredible scale lines of the design. If you take your time, you can faithfully recreate the look of the real thing.