#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



May was a busy month for Parkjets. We have been adding to the home page and giving you more and more information about parkjets. As a recap, we posted several new plans to Parkjets, posted some new videos and wrapped up an interview with Want a full run down? Read on....

F-14 by MaybzFirst up, we added what everyone wants to see, new plans. We posted the F-14 by Maybz and the Drongo water parkjet by Marcel du Plessis. These are two excellent plans and each offers something totally different. The F-14 is a more complicated build but with swing wings, it's a great addition to your fleet. And for those of you familar with the popular Funjet, the Drongo will be very comfortable. A cross between the Funjet and the Steve Shumate Polaris, the Drongo brings the Funjet to the water. Awesome!

We also posted an article about using, along with some common questions and answers we usually give to those that drop us an E-mail.

Recently we sat down with our sponsors, 6mmFlyRC and did an interview about their experience and how they built their business. Check it out!

Drongo ParkjetLastly, we did a quick round of up videos. The designer of the EADS Barracuda sent us a video of his mini version flying around. The mini Barracuda is already included in the free plans download, but the video gives you a little better idea of the size of the finished park flyer. We also found a great video of a Steve Shumate F-18 and of course the Drongo and the F-14 by Maybz made for an excellent line up of park flyer videos.

One last thing, we added a YouTube Channel to our home page. If you have any videos you want featured, be sure to send them our way.

Check back often on Parkjets, we are always adding videos and more content. If you have any suggestions or topics you want addressed, be sure to E-Mail us and we will see if we can get something down.

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