#1 in RC Parkjet Plans


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We just added in the awesome profile style F-14 by Maybz.  Honestly, we have no idea why haven't posted this great plan before to our Free Plans Page.  It is one of the best designs for the F-14 that combines a fully functioning swing wing as well as a simple design.

This particular RC airplane plan has been around for several years now with lots of people building over time.  In fact, you can find more than 100 pages of discussion on RC Groups on this one model. 

The performace is excellent with a mid-mount prop that is a little rearward than most of the designs we have on Parkjets.  The plane performs well with as little as a 4 channel radio but those with more channels will have more options for the wing swing.  The design allows for excellent high-alpha and drill bit rolls.  The speed is excellent for an airframe that can tend to get a little draggy. 

So check it out.  Download and build!