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We have over 100 different RC plans for free download on and the most popular plans have changed over time. So what is the most popular download on Ahhh, well, why don't we review the top 10 free downloads on parkjets? Easy enough. For the month of April, here is the list.

10. The F-14 Tomcat by Steve Shumate. This design has been on Parkjets since nearly the beginning and has held a top spot for a long time. With the ability to go swing wing, just like the real deal, the F-14 is an all time favorite. The plans are very well documented, with build instructions and drawings. And over time, so many RC flyers have built the F-14 there is plenty of support; everything to decals, build videos, clear canopies and even laser cut kits straight from our site sponsor 6mmFlyRC.

9. Bandit by Steve Shumate. This download is one of the few fictional RC parkjets on the website. But it's a proven design and looks good in the air. Many modelers have built this great and versatile design. Everything from a prop pusher to an EDF has been put through the paces with this RC jet. The bandit features good speed and above average acrobatics. But more than that, this one of the easiest of the Steve Shumate designs.

8. SU-37 by Steve Shumate. This is one of the most impressive parkjet designs out there. It features twin engine design, but you can adapt it to a single motor, twin thrust vectoring, awesome scale design and a size a little larger than most. As with all Steve Shumate designs, the plan drawings, the build instructions and the parts drawings are all very well documented. Not a beginner plane, but one of a kind RC parkjets. If you want to cut down on the build time, there is a kit available as well.

7. EADS Barracuda by Sabastian Gulde. Obviously the last few weeks have been pretty busy for the Barracuda. It's been downloaded a lot in April. It's still a new design, so time will tell if it will remain popular. Our guess? Because its an EDF and because it's a design that is not seen out there very much, it will be on the top 10 list for quite a while. The instructions and build drawings are excellently put together and provide RC modelers the opportunity to build it full size or go smaller with mini plans also available for download. The Barracuda is designed for a 68mm fan or larger and looks great.

6. F-14 by Jason Swisher. A great alternative to the Steve Shumate F-14, the profile F-14 gives builders the ability to fly a great looking RC airplane without the extended build time. This download doesn't offer the ability to have swing wings, but the stability and great looks more than make up for the moving wings. An excellent design and easy to understand plans make this a popular download.

5. Ultimate by Mr. Flash. While 3D flight peaked a few years ago, the Ultimate remains a popular download on Parkjets. And why not, it's a fantastic design with great stability and great looks. If you are looking for a 3D style parkjet, look for the Ultimate.

4. Eurofighter by Tomas Hellberg. The profile style Eurofighter is one of the best designs for a parkjet out there. It has a lot of great features. The large delta wing give it exceptional stability, the easy to set up control surfaces make it ideal for a simple RC set up. Here is a great video of the rock solid flight characteristics of the Eurofighter. The drawings are easy to follow and the build is an easy process. And as a bonus, there are some decals out there ready for you to print off your computer and apply for a little extra polish on your model.

3. The Hydro plane. Another design that has been on Parkjets for years, the hydro plane is an oldie but goodie. Mixing the hobbies of boats and airplanes, the hydro gives modelers as little bit of both and a lot of fun. This is one case where you have to watch the video to see exactly what we are talking about. The concept is pretty neat, so give the hydro a try.

2. The profile F-35 by RC CAL. This really makes sense. The F-35 Lightening II is the newest multi- role fighter from the U.S. and features some pretty unique looks. The design here is easy to build and easy to cut out. The documentation is good as well and there are a few decals and other goodies for those downloading this great little design. It's a mid-motor mounted pushed that works well with a cheap brushless motor and 6 x 4 prop. Laser cut kits are also available for this model.

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate. It's no surprise here. The F-22 is one of the best looking jets out there and this RC design is one of the best. The design features thrust vectoring, super scale looks and excellent performance. It's not an easy build, but the challenge is worth the effort. Like a broken record, the documentation for this parkjet is top notch. It has a lot of parts/pieces, but for the scratch builders out there, this one is a crown jewel.

Do you have a favorite design or parkjet? And if you have a design, be sure to shoot us an E-mail and we can get it posted. And check back in early June and see if the deck gets shuffled. And remember, you can pick up quite a few of these design in kit form from 6mmFlyRC. So be sure to check it out.