#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



This video is an excellent example of the excellent platform that the Tomas Hellberg MIG 29 provides.  We know that one of the trends in RC is strapping on an HD camera on to the fuse and capturing some video.  In this case, the pilot takes excellent video of Cardigan Bay.  Most of the time our video turns out to be rather boring, but the view in this video is worth a look.  One of the great things about the MIG 29 platform is the low wing loading, so you have a lot of room to add a rather large and heavy camera and still not impact flight very much.  The large wing pattern and twin tail give it excellent stability and the thurst vectoring tabs make it very nimble in the air.  

Give it a try and just try to beat the scenes in this video.  And if the MIG is not your style, you can go with the excellent F-18E Super Hornet.