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TOP 10 PLANS - JUNE 2012

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June proved to be an interesting month for the top 10 plans on Parkjets.  We have got some feedback that these posts are helpful for folks wanting to know what others are doing and really, its a simple check for us, so sharing the information is no problem.  This month we have a new arrival, a new plan exits the top 10 list and some familiar plans remain at the top of the heap.  Let's check it out.

10. F-14 by Jason Swisher: A simple profile, fixed wing version of the F-14 is a great looking model.  Fast to build and stable in flight.  A real winner for beginners or seasoned pilots. (May's rank #9)

9. F-14 by Steve Shumate: The Steve Shumate F-14 is one of the most popular all time downloads on Parkjets. The ability to swing the wing keeps this plan in the top 10 for years.  And with custom canopies available and custom decals, your model can look excellent. (May's rank #10)

8. Eurofighter by Tomas Hellberg: The Eurofighter is quite possibly the ideal parkjet.  Large delta wings and simple design keep it coming back into the top 10 every month. (May's rank #7)

7. Alpha Jet: A new comer to the top 10 list is the Alpha Jet.  It's not the Alpha Jet you might be familar with though, a unique design with two wings, no carbon rods and a mid mount motor give the Alpha Jet some unique qualities.  (May's rank: unranked)

6. Ultimate 3D: The Ultimate is the only 3D model on Parkjets but remains in the top 10 for very good reason. It looks great, its a pretty easy build and it performs great.  Those three factors keep it downloaded thousands of times a month. (May's rank #6)

5. Drongo: The Drongo made its debut a few months ago and has remained a popular free plan on Parkjets.  And it's climbing in the rankings!  The drongo has the ability to fly off water or land and has a familar wing pattern.  Check it out. (May's rank #8)

4. F-35 by RC Cal: The F-35 is an excellent design that combines the lastest air design with the simplicity of profile style RC building.  And one feature we love...the F-35 is a great platform for parkjets, the large wings and high aerobatic capability make it a personal favorate. (May's rank #5)

3. Hydro: The Hydro is one of the older plans on Parkjets but people keep coming back for this water borne flying boat thingy.  (May's rank #3)

2. F-14 by MDC: Featuring a profile style build WITH the ability to swing the wings, the F-14 by MDC gives builders a great bridge between a simple profile build and a more complicated Steve Shumate build.  (May's rank #2)

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate:  Honestly, its been at the top and will stay there for a long time.  An excellent design, with the ability to get custom canopies and decals keep people coming back for more.