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Another month, another Top 10 list.  This month we have quite a few changes from July and a new comer almost dethroned the most popular Steve Shumate plan on the site.  With three plans in August that were not on the list in July, August shaped up nicely. Let's not waste time, or words and get to the most popular RC airplane plans on the site. 

10. F-22 by Tomas Hellberg: The F-22 is a great design and always very popular.  It ducks in and out of the top 10 list but if you haven't built it yet, you should.  The documentation and plans are top notch, with an assembly manual by 6mmFlyRC to go along with it.  Some builders have even strapped on an EDF fan in place of the mid-mounted prop.  Give it a shot. (July Rank: NR)

Tomas Hellberg F-22

9. SU-37 by Steve Shumate: The SU-37 is an awesome parkjet.  Twin thrust vectoring and scale dimensions are just part of the package.  We talked a little bit about it in out Steve Shumate interview, and the plans and build manual are excellent.  There is no shortage of video and pictures too.  Need a winter project?  The depron SU-37 should be at the top of your list. (July Rank: NR)

Steve Shumate SU-37

8. F-14 by MDC: Want a simple RC build with swing wings?  The F-14 designed by MDC is a great option. Featuring swing wings and a semi-profile design, the all depron build is something that every hobbyist should give a try. The plans are excellent and well traveled, so you know they are ready for you to have a smooth build. (July Rank: #4)

7. Alpha Jet by Jamie Rothwell: The Alpha Jet is very unique.  You want something at the field that doesn't look like or perform like any other RC model out there?  Give the Alpha Jet a shot.  Dual wings, no carbon and a few servos and you have yourself one great performing parkflyer. (July Rank: #7)

6. F4F Wildcat by Jamie Rothwell: The Wildcat is a little different kind of plane.  We actually debated putting it up. Because its not a jet.  But it was a jet for its day.  The Wildcat by Jamie Rothwell is an excellent, simple design that allows for simple construction with good scale looks.  The F4F lets you go back in time a little and have a classic warbird in your fleet. (July Rank: NR)

Jamie Rothwell F4F Wildcat

5. Ultimate: The Ultimate is another plane that isn't exactly a jet either, but it remains popular.  The Ultimate is a 3D bi-plane that has been with parkjets with a long time.  Check it out. (July Rank: #6)

4. F-35 by RC Cal: The F-35 remains popular and for good reason.  The platform is an excellent one for floating around a small area.  And it's new airplane for the U.S. Airforce.  The F-35 features some simple thrust vectoring tabs so you can flip on a dime and the profile design let's you put it together in a few hours. (July Rank: #5)

3. Hydro: The Hydro remains popular. And its not a jet either.  That's 3 of the Top 10 that aren't even jets.  The Hydro combines a boat and a plane and its all fun.  Give it a shot. (July Rank: #2)

2. F-15 by Jamie Rothwell: The F-15 by Jamie Rothwell is an excellent example of balancing scale design with simple builds.  The F-15 has a score and fold techique for the nose but can still be built with a single sheet of depron foam.  Want something a little different? Go with the F-15.  (July Rank: #3)

Jamie Rothwell F-15

1. F-22 by Steve Shumate: The F-22 remains the number one plan on parkjets.  The super scale design is a marvel of engineering, especially since the whole thing is made out of depron.  With construction guides, accessories from 6mmFlyRC, its very well supported by the community. (July Rank: #1)

Steve Shumate F-22