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After taking note that something like 4 of our top 10 plans for the month of August were really not "jets" but rather warbirds, the Hydro, and some 3D aircraft, we decided to upload a great design from a familar name, Tomas Hellberg.  He designs some of the most popular parkjets on the site, including the F-22, Eurofighter and the F-18E.  So we have added to his hanger here on Parkjets for you to enjoy.

So here is the SU-31! The entire design is pretty simple, but the design contains tabbed construction that makes putting these together so much easier.  If you are looking for an easy to build 3D type aircraft, the SU-31 might just fit the bill.  

Like always, we encourage you to donate to Tomas so he can keep up the designs and so you can say thank you for all his work.  Visit his website for more information!