#1 in RC Parkjet Plans


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A few months ago, we got permission from SD Parkflyers to post his free plans to our site and although it has been a long time coming, we kicked off the postings by throwing up his awesome Cutlass park flyer.  

The Cutlass features a funjet style design, with a large delta wing and twin vertical stabalizers. The design is for 9mm EPP foam, which as you might know, is a lot for forgiving when crashing. But with some modifications, the Cutlass could be accomadated for 6mm Depron or other types of foam board.  

The designer recommends keeping it light, using small electronics to power it so that its a real floater and easy park flyer.  We encourge you to experiment.  

So check out the Cutlass, a little different material (EPP) but the same results, easy build and lots of fun.