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As January creeps to a end, we added two more plans for you to enjoy.  And like the Cutlass added last week, we dipped into SD Parkflyer's pool of excellent plans.  And in an effort to really expand our offerings, we are looking to add some plans that have not been invited to reside on parkjets in the past, namely some 3D flyers, warbirds, and we are looking for some more EDF plans as well.  To wrap up January, we have some excellent 3D style park flyers up for your enjoyments.

Let's get started....

First up is the Superslo28 3d style park flyer.  The Superslo is an EPP flyer and is designed for 3D flying but with a balanced center of gravity, enjoys puttering around the park as well.  This model is light weight, powered by inexpensive power gear, and performs great.  And because the whole thing is made of out EPP, its very forgiving. We would recommend going with EPP if you are new to 3D flying and then you can transition to a more finishable material like Depron.  Either way you go, the SuperSlo28 won't disappoint.  

The second plan we added is the excellent and popular T-28 Trojan.  Like the SuperSlo28, the Trojan is suited for 3D flight but also is at home looking like the warbird trainer that it is.  If you want a 3D plane that still has a little military look to it, the T-28 is a great choice.  And like the SuperSlo, the plan is set for 9mm EPP but with some adjustments you could accomadate just about any thickness foam.

Additionlly, we encourage you to visit and check out all the plans (paid plans available) and if you need some power gear for these designs, see what he has to offer.  SDParkflyers has great YouTube videos as well, telling you just about everything you need to know to get your SuperSlo28 or T-28 off the ground.